15 Hottest Actresses In Hollywood Today

If you ask most people, they would likely tell you that the
crown jewel in the entertainment industry is to be a big movie
star. Sure, television is more respected than ever before,
video games are an art form that is being recognized more and
more, and music is the soundtrack of our lives; but movies
still reign supreme. That is probably why there are more people
trying to play even small roles in major movies today than
could easily be counted. As a result of that, the competition
to gain the attention of casting agents is extremely fierce and
only the pick of the litter manage to rise above.

While acting skill is a very important trait if you want to
make it to the tip top of the acting world, there is no doubt
that looks also play a massive role. If you question that at
all, then you need look no further than the posters at your
local theater as they will inevitably feature some of the most
attractive people in the world. As such, it is more evident
today than ever before that being a hottie is of huge
importance to the career of an actress that wants to be a big
movie star. Realizing that and how much we enjoy the female
form is what inspired us to put together this list of the
fifteen hottest actresses in Hollywood today.

In order for an actress to be considered for inclusion here,
they first off need to have played a notable role in at least
one major movie production. For our purposes, Hollywood is a
grab-all for the American movie industry so that means that the
actress also needs to have made a notable appearance in a movie
produced by an American studio. Aside from that, our only
priority was bringing to you a list of the hottest actresses

15. Amber Heard

From the first moment you see
Amber Heard
on the movie screen, it seems abundantly clear
that she has the looks and the “it” factor to be one of the
most famous actors of her generation. While she has yet to
reach heights like that, she has managed to play parts in
movies like All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Never
Back Down
, Pineapple Express,
Zombieland, The Rum Diary, and more. Set to
appear in the upcoming film, Justice League, if the
movie does half as much for her as playing Harley did for
Margot Robbie, it could easily be the role that punches her
career through. A stunning woman with a body that doesn’t seem
to have a single extra pound on it, she seems to be the very
definition of a hot woman.

14. Gal Gadot

Only a few years ago,
Gal Gadot
was mostly known in North America for playing
Gisele Yashar in the Fast and Furious franchise. But
then, she was cast as Wonder Woman and everything changed for
her. Initially, her casting was met with a great deal of
skepticism and even anger. But once Batman v Superman: Dawn
of Justice
came out, the response from fans was markedly
different. Nearly universally hailed as one of the best
elements of the movies, fans couldn’t wait to see more of her
and thankfully, they didn’t have to wait any longer. Set to
return as the character in two films in 2017, Wonder
and Justice League, the DC Extended
Universe is betting on her big time and from where we’re
sitting, it seems like a great move. Also cast in the movie
Keeping Up with the Joneses, she played a secret agent
who appears in lingerie in one scene and in a second, she
proved exactly why she deserves to appear on any list like

13. Kate Beckinsale

A British actress that is best known these days for her work in
action movies, including the Underworld franchise of
films as well as Total Recall and Van
Kate Beckinsale
has been in a variety of films. For
instance, she was in a comedy like Click, dramas like
Brokedown Palace and The Last Days of Disco,
and romances like Serendipity and Love &
. Forty-three years old at the time of this
writing, she has a body that women half her age would love to
have and about as beautiful a face as we have ever seen. On top
of that, whenever she is interviewed she comes off as poised
and kindhearted which makes her far more attractive in our

12. Blake Lively

Made a star overnight when she was cast as Serena van der
Woodsen in the teen drama series Gossip Girl,
Blake Lively
brought some serious s*x appeal to the series.
A show that never shied away from courting controversy, it
featured several sensual moments that few have seen on TV in
the past and gave fans even more of a reason to fall for her
feminine wiles. Also a movie star in her own right, she has
appeared in movies like Accepted, The Town,
Green Lantern, Savages, and several others.
On top of those films, Blake received a level of critical
praise she had never known for her work in the shark movie
The Shallows. A tense film, fortunately, viewers could
take a small amount of solace in the opportunity to see her in
a bikini which is something that we always enjoy. A blonde
bombshell that seems as though she would have been entirely at
home in the Hollywood of the past, she has “s*x symbol” written
all over her due to her buxom body.

11. Scarlett Johansson

Probably the most in-demand actress in all of Hollywood today,
it seems as though there isn’t a single role for a woman in her
age range that
Scarlett Johansson
isn’t the top pick for. Starring in the
Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Black Widow, she has
yet to get her own standalone movie but has played a pivotal
part in many of the most important movies in the franchise.
Also the star of movies like The Prestige,
Her, Lucy, The Jungle Book,
Ghost in the Shell, Under the Skin, and many
more, she has undoubtedly made a mark on the film world that
will never be forgotten. Named the sexiest woman alive by
Esquire Magazine in 2013, this blonde with a bountiful chest
looks amazing in either a dress or everyday clothes.

10. Eva Mendes

First coming to the attention of many people with her
appearance in Training Day,
Eva Mendes
has already appeared in movies like Urban
Legends: Final Cut
by then. With her newfound fame and
popularity, however, she was able to land far more meaty roles
and became a movie star as a result. Appearing in movies like
2 Fast 2 Furious, Hitch, Ghost
, We Own the Night, The Other Guys,
The Place Beyond the Pines, and many more, she spent
years as part of major movies each year. While she has taken a
bit of a backseat over the last few years, due to giving birth
to two children fathered by her partner, Ryan
, there is no doubt she could make a comeback at any
moment, so we’re counting her. An exquisite beauty who has
proven in the past that she takes great pride in her body,
based on every glimpse we’ve ever received, there is good
reason for that and we had to include her here.

9. Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev
has yet to become a household name but she has
been able to garner a massive following by starring in the show
The Vampire Diaries, which lasted an impressive eight
seasons. Cast in one of the series’ most important roles, it
was the romance she shared onscreen and in real life with

Ian Somerhalder
that made so many people fall for her.
Going on to appear in movies like Let’s Be Cops,
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Final
, and xXx: Return of Xander Cage, she is
also set to star in a remake of the film Flatliners
later this year. A beautiful brunette with a glowing
personality that comes across onscreen, she has shown herself
to have a real presence on the screen. Also blessed with a
mind-blowing body, if you have ever seen images of her in a
bikini, then you will know that she is an incredibly fit

8. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Starting out her career as a scream queen of sorts, Mary
Elizabeth Winstead appeared in movies like Final
Destination 3
, Black Christmas, Death
, The Thing, and several other horror films.
Also known for her parts in the Die Hard franchise as
John McClane’s daughter, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Sky
, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, among
others, she is radiant in virtually every role. Currently
playing a role in the third season of Fargo, one of
the best series on all of television, in our opinion, she
brings a great deal of beauty to a show that goes for realism
and style. One of the most charming and elegant actresses in
the acting world as we see it, she carries herself like someone
who knows she is the hottest person in any room she walks into
but doesn’t depend on that.

7. Alexandra Daddario

Formerly a guest star in a number of shows and a supporting
actor in movies like The Squid and the Whale,
Alexandra Daddario
made a major leap forward when she was
cast in the Percy Jackson movies. Still, despite
receiving some fans that took note of her work in those movies
and a few others, she didn’t become a true star yet. Then, she
was cast in the first season of True Detective and
when she appeared in the nude during a memorable moment, the
world stood up and took note. Now set to appear in four films
in 2017, including Baywatch, alongside
The Rock
, and another that is already announced for 2018,
it is clear that her career has reached another level.
Possessing one of the sexiest figures we’ve ever seen captured
on film, there is a good reason why audiences want to see as
much of her as possible going forward.

6. Margot Robbie

One of the fastest rising stars we’ve ever seen in the movie
Margot Robbie
is an Australian actress who started out
in television and the criminally underrated movie About
. Then, she was cast in the 2013
Martin Scorsese
movie, The Wolf of Wall
and she seemed to become a star overnight, due in
part to a memorable nude scene of her own. Proving herself
capable of holding her own with the likes of
Leonardo DiCaprio
with her breakout role, clearly,
Hollywood took note as she has since starred alongside the
likes of
Will Smith
Tina Fey
, and
Samuel L. Jackson
. Now most synonymous with her role as
Harley Quinn, one of the most universally loved elements of the
DCEU, she seems poised to become an even bigger star still
going forward. A blonde beauty that has charisma oozing from
her pores, she is also able to portray insanity to the hottest
level but still make you wish you could spend just one night
with her despite the danger to yourself.

5. Charlize Theron

The second actress on this list that was named the sexiest
woman alive by Esquire Magazine. That came in 2007 for

Charlize Theron
. And if you ask us, she has managed to
become sexier in the intervening decade. Proving herself to not
only be a marvelous actress in movies like Monster and
The Cider House Rules, she has also become one of the
biggest action stars around after Mad Max: Fury Road.
A statuesque blonde with a slender and sexy figure, she isn’t
the curviest woman on this list but she has proven time and
time again that she is at the top of the Hollywood hottie

4. Ana De Armas

For those of you that are not aware of the Cuban actress, Ana
De Armas, yet, don’t worry because you are likely to become
more aware of her as time goes on. First making waves in North
America when she was cast as one-half of a pair of young women
that terrorize a character played by
Keanu Reeves
in Knock Knock, the movie relied
heavily on her looks. Since she has appeared in several major
movies, including Hand of Stone and War
 she has her biggest role yet on the horizon.
Set to play Joi in Blade Runner 2049, her performance
in one of the most anticipated movies of the year, in a very
major role no less, is likely to make her a well-known entity.
A sultry woman that looks as though she is supremely confident
and knows exactly what she wants in bed, there is little in
this world that is sexier than that.

3. Morena Baccarin

If there is one thing that we know in the world of pop culture,
it is this: one of the most beloved sci-fi series of all time
is Firefly and starring in it was a sure fire way of
gaining fans that are intensely loyal.
Morena Baccarin
has enjoyed the fruits of that labor ever
since she played Inara Serra on that series. But if she hadn’t,
we believe that she would have become a star anyhow. Memorable
for other television roles, Jessica Brody in Homeland
and Leslie Thompkins in Gotham, these days, it is a
movie role, however, that she is best known for. Cast as
Vanessa in the film Deadpool, she likely had no idea
how big of a movie that would turn out to be for her. Playing a
woman that is capable of holding her own with a mercenary like
Wade Wilson in the movie, she brings a level of swagger to her
performance that made audiences swoon with delight.

2. Gemma Arterton

Ever since the 1990’s, the James Bond franchise
has made a big comeback, so are is the tradition of beautiful
women who have played major parts in it. But during that
decade, they relied on people that were stars. When
Gemma Arterton
was cast as a Bond girl in the movie
Quantum of Solace, however, her performance was
eye-grabbing enough to turn her into a star instead of the
other way around. Capitalizing on that opportunity, she would
receive roles in movies like Clash of the Titans,
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and several
others that took full advantage of her looks. A woman that is
absolutely alluring and rather very ethereal even when dressed
in clothing that could make someone else look innocent, she is
skilled in the art of seduction onscreen.

1. Eva Green

From one Bond girl to another. We touched on the fact that two
of the actresses on this list have been named the Sexiest Woman
Alive by Esquire Magazine, but the fact that
Eva Green
hasn’t yet been hailed as one of the sexiest is a
miscarriage of justice in our view. Known for movies like
Casino Royale, 300: Rise of an Empire,
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, as well as the show
Penny Dreadful, it is abundantly clear that she makes
everything she appears in more provocative. Gorgeous in every
photo she appears in, they still pale in comparison to how she
looks onscreen as they can’t show the sultry energy she brings
to every movement, even when overcome with rage. Someone that
oozes with s*x appeal from every pore, she seems to have been
born to make the world a more seductive place and it feels like
mortal people like you or me might wilt under her gaze.

15 Films No One Expected To Exist In The ‘Back To The Future’ Universe

We talk a lot about shared universes in film. It’s one of the
most exciting exercises to try and link up various films
together in a timeline or a universe. We hear of the big ones
like the Tarantinoverse and the View Askewniverse, but we never
hear about the Back to the Future Universe. Now, if
you’re thinking that this has anything to do with
BTTF‘s twisted timeline or the paradoxes, it doesn’t.
This is all about films that connect directly to Back to
the Future
. We want to show how the Back to the
franchise may actually be the hub or the connective
tissue that links these 15 different films together.

So, what do we mean by connected? Well, we are considering
every moment that an object or a character from one film
appears in another film. This is a necessary link because it
tells us that the films are close to each other in proximity.
Some characters appear in multiple films played by different
actors, but we aren’t counting those because the connections
might never end. Some directors like to connect their films
into one universe, and the Back to the Future universe
benefits from that. Still, there are 15 films on this list and
two thirds are directed by different directors, so there are
plenty of people and moving parts involved. Is this
intentional? No. Does that matter? No. BTTF fans know
just how important this film franchise is, but we could have
never expected it to be the center of such a massive universe.
This is a universe that goes far beyond what we’ve outlined
here, but we just wanted to show the most concrete examples.
Here are 15 Films That No One Expected to Exist in the ‘Back to
the Future’ Universe.

15. The Polar Express

Some naysayers like to write off the connection between
The Polar Express and Back to the
as nothing more than Easter eggs in two
Robert Zemeckis
films, but that’s baloney. Not only do we
see evidence that Lone Pine Mall exists in the
The Polar Express world (seen in a
photograph), but we’re willing to bet that the train, The Polar
Express, is the same train as the one in Back to the Future
. Sure, there’s been some adjustments made to it, but
the thing has a flux capacitor. Besides, the last time we saw
Doc Brown, he was on a train that could travel through time.
They have to be the same trains. There are several other
references that don’t really amount to much, but if both Lone
Pine Mall and the flux capacitor both exist in The Polar
world, then The Polar Express is
part of the Back to the Future Universe. Take that to
the bank.

14. Blade Runner

In Back to the Future II, we got of glimpse of the
then-future year of 2015. Zemeckis was smart not to make that
future so radically different from our own in case he was
caught looking silly when the future actually came and it was
underwhelming (at least in terms of flying cars). Well, the
future came and it wasn’t so far off. Sure, even
BTTF‘s future was a bit far-fetched, but it wasn’t bad
compared to Blade Runner. In
Ridley Scott
‘s Blade Runner, the year was
2019 so things could still change. But it’s unlikely that we
develop replicants in the next couple of years. Nope. Even
though we’re not there yet, we can safely say that that film’s
projection of the future will miss the mark. Still, it’s an
incredible film and has created some really iconic imagery,
perhaps none more memorable than the cars, Spinners. In what
many argue was just a homage to Blade Runner (or
trying to save on costs), Zemeckis placed a few Spinners in
Back to the Future II. Though this connection can be
debated, including those cars in the world, it unintentionally
joined the two film worlds together. If you’re trying to place
the Spinners, we see one parked in a driveway and another
parked on the street, visible during the hoverboard chase

13. Alien & Prometheus

If Back to the Future and Blade Runner are
linked, we know at least two other members of the universe as
well—Prometheus and Alien. Although these are
two separate films, they’re part of the same franchise so we’ll
treat them as the same instead of counting each film
separately. That would feel like cheating to boost the number
of films. Long before Prometheus was released, people
assumed that Alien and Blade Runner were in
the same universe. Well, Prometheus came out and
confirmed that assumption by suggesting that the Replicants in
Blade Runner were essentially an early variation of
the androids from Alien, or at least an inspiration.
We also learned that the Weyland Corp. from Alien was
built in the wake of the Tyrell Corporation’s mistakes in
Blade Runner. Obviously, these films also have the
Ridley Scott connection, so it’s a straightforward link.

12. Predator II

Maybe the most obvious connection on this list is between the
Alien and Predator franchises. Everyone knows
that AVP brought these two film franchises together
officially, but many forget that Predator II was
actually the first film to connect these worlds together
(technically the comics did it first). At the end of
Predator II, the main character enters the trophy room
of the Predator ship and discovers a collection of skulls from
its various kills. One of the most identifiable skulls is that
of a xenomorph, the aliens from the Alien franchise.
This means that Predators have encountered xenomorphs before,
which also means that they exist alongside Back to the
as well.

11. Serenity

Technically, the connections we’re using here are from the
television show, Firefly, but the show also had a
film, Serenity, which works as well since they both
exist in the same universe. In the very first episode of
Firefly, we catch a glimpse of a familiar name and
logo. During a fight scene in which Mal is using a turret, the
HUD of this weapon displays a Weyland-Yutani logo. If you’ve
already forgotten, Weyland-Yutani is the company from
Alien and Prometheus. We also hear
Weyland-Yutani’s slogan, “building better worlds,” at one
point. The creator of Firefly and Serenity,

Joss Whedon
is a massive Alien fan and even tried
his hand (unsuccessfully) to pen an Alien script at
one point, so it makes sense that he would piggyback on this
universe. He probably didn’t expect to ever be connected
to BTTF though.

10. Soldier

Soldier is a film that had all the promise in the
world, but it never amounted to much. That being said, it’s a
very large player in the BTTF universe. The truth
behind the connection is that David Webb Peoples was the
screenwriter for both Blade Runner and
Soldier. It’s because of him that Soldier is
connected to Blade Runner and the larger universe,
specifically in the mention that
Kurt Russell
‘s character fought in the battles of
Tannhauser Gate and Shoulder of Orion, two locations mentioned
in Blade Runner, and that he was also trained in
weaponry used in Alien. Like Back to the
, Soldier also has a Spinner show up in one
scene, though this one is not in working condition.
Soldier is also an important film for our next

9. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Even though Soldier is connected to several different
films, its greatest claim to fame in terms of this list is that
it brings Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan into the
universe. In Soldier, again seen in Kurt Russell’s
file, we see the locations “Nibian Moon” and “Antares
Maelstrom.” These are both from Star Trek II: The Wrath of
. There’s nothing that helps form a cinematic universe
like a tangible location to hang your hat on, so this is a
great discovery. This would also imply that all of the Star
franchise films are part of the BTTF world,
but that’ll be an entirely different piece if and when we
attempt to expand this universe.

8. A Million Ways To Die In The West

Seth MacFarlane
‘s wild west story has probably already been
forgotten by most people. It was an alright film. There was
nothing particularly memorable about it, but it wasn’t a total
disaster. There were a few scenes that come to mind when
looking back though, and two of them have to do with this
universe. One had to do directly with Doc Brown. That’s right.
If you haven’t seen the film or have forgotten about it,
MacFarlane’s character stumbles in on Doc Brown while he’s
working on the DeLorean. It’s a pretty comical encounter
because MacFarlane reacts like we imagine someone would react
in the old west if they walked in on that strange man and
machine. Obviously, we’re to assume that this encounter takes
place during Back to the Future III, which then places
these two films next to each other in the universe. There’s
another famous film character that appears in A Million
Ways to Die in the West.
Our next entry.

7. Django Unchained

Throughout A Million Ways to Die in the West,
there’s a shooting contest game unlike the one in Back to
the Future
. This game has a large part to play in the main
storyline. Well, at the end of the film, a new challenger comes
in to test his shooting ability in the game, Django. It’s here
that Django Unchained reveals itself as another film
in the BTTF universe. Clearly, anytime a
Quentin Tarantino
movie is in your universe, there’s going
to be others that connect as well. While we acknowledge the
connections between the multiple sections of the Tarantinoverse
and the cigarettes and burgers that connect basically all of
the films, we’ll only focus on a couple links with true
tangible connections.

6. Shaft

Before we delve too deeply into the Tarantinoverse, one
interesting connection that Tarantino himself dropped on the
world is that Django is an ancestor of John Shaft from the
Shaft films. To nail down this link, Tarantino named
Django’s wife Broomhilda Von Shaft. Tarantino explained the
relation in this way, “Her and Django will eventually have a
baby, and then that baby will have a baby, and that baby will
have a baby, and that baby will have a baby, and that baby will
have a baby … and one of these days, John Shaft will be born.”
Magic! Some people have dismissed this link as nothing more
than a joke, but we feel pretty good about it.

5. Kill Bill II

When it comes to connecting to Django Unchained to the
rest of the universe, the big film is Kill Bill II.
The reason these films are connected, for the uninitiated, is
because Beatrix Kiddo (Uma
) is buried alive in the grave of
Christoph Waltz
‘ wife from Django Unchained.
Seriously. The grave that she’s put in is marked as the “Paula
Schultz.” Waltz’ character is named Dr. King Schultz and we
know he had a wife. Does this seem far-fetched? Well, Tarantino
did confirm this connection if that kind of thing matters to
you. Kill Bill also has the appearance of the famous
Tarantino characters Earl McGraw and his son, Edgar. Earl and
Edgar are the two cops investigating the Two Pines Chapel
massacre that Beatrix was targeted in. This is important
because these men are the key to a larger universe

4. From Dusk Till Dawn

The first time we ever met one of the McGraws was in From
Dusk Till Dawn.
In this film, we only met Earl. Later in
the sequel, we would meet his son, Edgar. But back then, it was
just Earl and Earl didn’t last long. Very early into his first
film appearance, Earl was shot in the head. So you’re wondering
how he survived? Well, apparently, these films in the
Tarantinoverse are just movies within movies. In other words,
Earl is just a character in a movie, whereas the guys from
Inglourious Basterds are in the “realer than real”
Tarantinoverse. Interestingly, the McGraws are the only
characters that we’ve ever seen travel between these two
Tarantinoverses. Our next entry is the film that they traveled

3. Grindhouse Films

The two Grindhouse films, Planet Terror and
Death Proof, are great films to just turn on and turn
off your brain. We’re excited that the McGraw family made an
appearance in these films because we want them to be part of
the universe. Truth be told, they are a lot more central to
these films than just making “an appearance.” In both films,
the McGraws play large roles in the stories and we meet more
members of their family, including Earl’s daughter, Dakota, and
his wife, Ramona. The Grindhouse double feature is
also important for bringing us Machete for the first
time. Even though we only see Machete as a fake movie
trailer in the film, it hints at a larger connection, one that
would be explored later. This connection alone is not good
enough to suggest that these films are in the same universe. If
anything, it makes the connection more complicated and

2. Machete

As we explained, Machete is linked to this universe.
But it’s done so in a unique way, at least in terms of this
list. The connection comes in a deleted scene. Typically, we
wouldn’t want to accept a deleted scene because some deleted
scenes are filmed for fun and are fully intended to be deleted.
This scene, however, was cut for time. The scene in question
has Edgar McGraw kissing Sartana’s sister from
Machete. Even though Tarantino has said that the
McGraws can travel between real and fake universes, we can only
accept what our eyes tell us. In this BTTF universe,
it’s the McGraw brothers who are the most important in relation
to Tarantino’s films.

1. Spy Kids

One of the best things about the McGraws being able to move
between the two distinct Tarantinoverses, is not that we get
Machete. To be honest, we’re more excited about the
Spy Kids connection. In case you were unaware, the
kids’ uncle in Spy Kids is none other than Machete
himself. That means that in a weird, twisted, and almost
backward kind of way, Spy Kids and Back to
the Future
are in the same universe. Maybe even weirder,
Spy Kids and Alien are in the same universe.
Really, Spy Kids with any of the films on this
list seems odd. That’s why we were so excited to see this
connection become a thing. Happy trails travelers.